“Life in the Cage”

Just another day of life in the cage 

Fish & Game has one of the most prominent paddle programs in the area. We offer a vast degree of offerings for all demographics of our membership.  If you want to meet new people, learn a sport that gets you out of the house in the winter, or improves your game, this is definitely the place to be. Paddle is great excercise, an enjoyable experience, and a fantastic way to meet new members. 


                             2 State of the Art Platform Tennis Courts 

Our courts are elevated to provide a great view of Chatham while you play.
Whether its a warm summer day or a cool winter night platform tennis is a one of a kind experience.


 Lounge in Style

 Our recently renovated paddle hut has put us on the map as having one of the  finest facilities in the area.Our paddle lounge has all the amenities one could  ask for including leather couches, large viewing areas, flat screen TV's and of  course Fish & Game Paddle tradition. Whether you are looking to lounge after  playing or just need a place to relax, our paddle lounge has it!