Q: What are the Camp Hours?

A: 9:00am--1:00pm with the option of ADDING on Early Drop off @ 8:00am and Late Pick up @ 3:00pm.


Q: What does the Camp day look like?

A: Visit www.fishngame.org and follow the links under the “CAMP Fish & Game” tab!  


Q: Who will be working at Camp Fish and Game this summer?

A: Visit www.fishngame.org  to meet our Camp Staff! This will be updated regularly.


Q: What is the training of your Staff Members?

A: Our Camp Director, Head Counselors and many Jr. Counselors are First Aid, CPR and AED Certified. Our Camp Director is a certified teacher with a Masters of Arts in Teaching and is EPI-PEN Certified & experienced with inhaler aero-chambers as well. All of our staff members complete summer camp staff training before the summer begins.


Q: What are the Camp Sessions and Hours?


A: The Sessions and Hours are:

  • Session 1: June 25th-June 29th
  • Session 2: July 2nd-July 6th (NO CAMP on 7/4)
  • Session 3: July 9th-July 13th
  • Session 4: July 16th- July 20st
  • Session 5: July 23rd-July 27th
  • Session 6: July 30th-August 3rd
  • Session 7: August 6th-August 10th
  • Session 8: August 13th-August 17th


  • HOURS: General Camp Hours are 9:00am—1:00pm, daily.
  • Early Drop Off Hours: Any time between 8:00am and 8:55am, daily.
  • Late Pick Up Hours: Any time between 1:10pm and 3:00pm, daily.

Q: Can I sign up for Private or Semi-Private Swim Lessons OR Tennis Lessons during Late Care at Camp F&G?

A: Absolutely! Private & Semi-Private Swim & Tennis Lessons are available during Camp Late Care (1:00pm-3:00pm) to Members AND Non-Members, at an additional fee. Email for more information.


Q: I'm a Member of F&G. Can I sign my child up for swim lessons and/or tennis lessons right after the camp day, even if they’re not in late care?

A: As a member, absolutely! Once you register your lessons online, please inform me and I will have a counselor walk your member child to their 1:00pm lesson right from camp!


Q: Once I register my child for sessions for camp, am I able to add-on sessions?

A: If there is an open spot in the session you are interested in, absolutely! You can add on a session at any time! During the summer, we will even provide you with an add-on form, to make it easy for you!


Q: What does one session cost?

A: $275 for Members of F&G, $360 for Non-Members. This includes ALL camp activities 9am-1pm with our fabulous counselors, special events, snacks, drinks, ice pops/ice cream, colorful camp t-shirts, and unlimited amounts of... FUN! If you are planning to become a member, now is a great time! You’ll save $$$ on Camp tuition! Make sure to write that SLOANE LIPSON (CAMP Director) referred you!


Q: Are there any discounts offered?

A: Absolutely! Sign up for 2 sessions, save $20, Sign up for 3 sessions, $40, Sign up for 4 sessions, save $60, Sign up for 5 sessions, save $80, Sign up for 6 sessions, save $100, Sign up for 7 sessions, save $120, Sign up for 8 session and save $200!! The discounts are already calculated for you on the camp application!

Members are ALSO eligible for Sibling Discounts!

*In order to receive the member discounted rate, you must have an active & up to date membership account during the months Camp is in session.*


Q: My schedule & plans changed. Can I get a refund/credit or transfer? What is your cancellation policy?

A: If there is space in another session, you are welcome to transfer your child to another session.

Up until April 1st, you may receive a full refund.

Between April 2nd--May 31st, you may receive a 50% refund.

There are no refunds or credits once the summer camp season has begun (June 1st--August 31st). 


Q: Is the camp nut-free?

A: Absolutely! Our camp is nut free and our Camp Director is Epi-Pen certified.


Q: Do you provide snack & lunch?

A: We provide snacks, ice pops and drinks for all of our campers throughout the day! We ask that you pack a nut-free lunch for your child. On Fun Fridays, we will give them pizza for lunch!


Q: My child doesn't know how to swim. What would they do during time in the pool?

A: Great question! Our youngest campers have the option of using the baby pool with a counselor. We will also help your child build confidence in the shallow end of the big pool! We make swimming time fun for everyone! All of our staff members are in the pool OR on the pool deck to make swimming time a happy, safe and comfortable time.


Q: My child turns 3 June 1st, can I sign them up for camp?

A: Absolutely! As long as your child is fully potty trained/bathroom independent & is 3 years old by June 1st (beginning of camp season), we are happy to have them join us at Camp! 


Q: How are the kids grouped?

A: We group our campers by age & grades if needed. The campers will be grouped 3-4 y/o, 5-6 y/o and 7-10 y/o. Visit www.fishngame.org to read more about our camp programs.  


Q: My child has special needs. Who can I talk to, to ensure this is the best summer for my child?

A: Email Sloane Lipson at: summercamp@fishngame.org any time. In addition to being the Camp Director, Sloane is a certified elementary school teacher, with a M.A.T and a background in child development, who worked in an inclusion classroom, in Chatham, for many years & who co-taught with a special education teacher. Sloane is also the mother of a child with special needs. We welcome ALL campers at Camp Fish and Game with open arms!  


Q: My child is on swim team, can I still register them for Camp?

A: ABSOLUTELY! What's great about Camp F&G is that we are able to accommodate children on the swim team! We will walk them to their swim team practice and then pick them up from swim team practice, to ensure their safety at all times! If they come to camp with their swim suit already under their clothing (which we recommend) that reduces the time they need to change. In the past, most swim team campers just threw their clothes right back on over their swimsuit, since it is summer and the cool bathing suit feels nice! When we make the camp schedule, we take into account which children are in Swim Team and we assure they do NOT miss something like "tennis with a pro" since that is only a few times a session. We truly accommodate the campers with swim team the best we can!


Q: How can I find out even more about camp?

A: Check us out on Social Media! You can follow us on Instagram @campfishngame and Like us on Facebook @campfishngame! We post LOTS of pictures all summer long!  


Q: Can I still sign up my 11-14 y/o to be a CIT?

A: Absolutely! Visit our website and print out an application. www.fishngame.org Sign up asap! Spots fill up quickly.

If an individual is 14 years old and has been a CIT at Camp F&G for at LEAST one year, they are eligible to apply and interview for a paid Jr. Counselor position. The 14 year old must personally email me. However, if it is a first summer for a 14 year old at Camp F&G, they are required to be an unpaid CIT for at least one summer, as an intern, to gain experience and learn our routines. Some 14 year olds (who are returning CITS) also feel they need one more year as a CIT intern, as they do not yet feel comfortable taking on the full responsibilities of a Jr. Counselor.


Q: How can I become a Member of F&G?

A: We would LOVE to have you join the F&G family!  Email: for more information! Make sure to write SLOANE LIPSON (CAMP Director) on the top of your application!!


Q: I still have questions. Who can answer them?

A: Email the Camp Director, Sloane Lipson at:  


We can't wait to see you at Camp Fish and Game this summer!


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