Camp Fish & Game Counselors in Training Program (CITs)

Sessions 2, 3, 4 are FULL.


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  • CITs (ages 11-14) are treated as interns, so your ‘pay’ is the experience! Being a CIT allows you the unique opportunity to have a hands on learning experience in a camp environment! This experience will better prepare you to become a full time counselor in the future! We expect you to be: respectful, patient, helpful and responsible at all times.


  • CITs are asked to be at camp at 8:15am every morning, to help with set up and you will be done with your day around 1:30pm, once all campers are picked up and clean up for the day is done.


  • When signing up to be a CIT, you must sign up for a minimum of 2 sessions, preferably consecutively.


  • Throughout the camp day, your job is to assist the counselors, director and activities supervisors with all tasks, including all set-up and clean-up. You are also asked to participate in all camp activities and be a role model for the younger children. The children in your bunk will view you as someone who is ‘in charge.’ You must take this very seriously. It is your job to help the children with anything they need and to guide them through their camp day safely, while ensuring they have LOTS of fun!


Being a CIT at Camp Fish and Game means that you agree with the following statements:

  • I LOVE working with and playing with younger kids!
  • I LOVE helping younger kids learn how to do new things!
  • I describe myself as having HIGH ENERGY!
  • I take direction VERY well!
  • I give 110% to everything I do!
  • I am VERY responsible!
  • I am EXTREMELY patient!
  • I am ALWAYS respectful!
  • I can’t wait to be a camp counselor when I’m older!


*If an individual is 14 & has interned as a CIT at Camp F&G for at least one summer, they are eligible to apply & interview for a Jr. Counselor position. To apply, the interested applicant must email SummerCamp@fishngame.org.

However, some 14 year old returning Camp F&G CITs choose to intern for an additional summer to gain more experience & to give themselves another year to grow & mature before taking on the full responsibilities of a Jr. Counselor.


MEMBERS of F&G: Click HERE to Register ONLINE!

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Space is LIMITED & spots fill up QUICKLY!

Once I receive your application, I will confirm with you that your preferred session dates are available, via EMAIL. Please include your $30 application fee with your application.

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